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Stories of Success

Jeff served in the Army and earned a Purple Heart in Iraq and was discharged from the Army with a Traumatic Brain Injury along with other serious injuries to his body. He has worked hard to recover over past 20 years and now has a wife, a family and a child and grandchild. While he can now walk and talk and get around he still uses braces on his legs to walk and is working to have a higher quality of life. He reached out to AHVA to investigate assistance with replacing his flooring in his home as his current 
flooring had trip hazards all over and the cost of this was wall out of his ability to afford.   AHVA worked with an area flooring store and assisted this Veteran with most of the cost of his flooring. He participated in about 20% of the cost of his flooring too but because of the support of AHVA, he now has a beautiful floor in his home and can safely walk around and enjoy his grandchildren.  


Success Story 2 (WIP)


George is living in a transition apartment for homeless veterans. He lost his drivers license in 2006 due to a DUI and now after years of sobriety and several life changes, he is working on overcoming his barriers and was excited to be offered a good job at a local tire shop.  Part of the job required his having a drivers license so he asked for help from AHVA.  The cost to reinstate his drivers license now that he paid for all of his expenses from his past was just over $200.00.  AHVA paid to get him his drivers license back and he is pleased to now be working at his new job.  After George works a few weeks at his new job, AHVA may assist him further with needs to help support him with keeping his job and eventually transitioning to his own apartment when one can be found.  


Rey served in the Army and later Army Reserve. He loved the military and is very proud of serving our nation. He works as a janitor in Gainesville at night and works as a maintenance worker in the mornings at his church in Williston during the day. He actually works 7 days a week over 65 hours. Rey is the kind of person who gives to his community by helping people all the time. He travels over 100 miles per day to both jobs and his current vehicle had over 300 thousand miles on it and has been getting repaired regularly and now had an upcoming repair for the transmission of over $1100 dollars. This would be a stretch for him. AHVA members met with him and suggested he apply for assistance as he was a giver in the community who deserved assistance if possible. A Veteran sold a used good running vehicle to AHVA for half of its value and AHVA donated that to Rey to keep him working and traveling to his jobs and continuing his desire to help people.  

Sub Stories

  • $1,500 sent to Santa Fe College for EMT/Paramedic & Law Enforcement students

  • $500 sent to Marion Training Center for Fire Fighters

  • $500 sent to Florida State Fire College for Fire Fighters

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