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Sign up for The Amazing Give!

Raise funds on your Social Media and through your network!

We're always looking for volunteers on our team. Below is a list of the teams you can volunteer for.

Investigation Team

Visit with Veterans to determine if they are truly in need, and what help they require.

Follow-up Team

Stay in touch with Veterans we have helped. Call as needed to check on them, and see if they have everything they need to stay on track.

BOP Team

Our Bikers On Parade team. BOP is currently our largest fundraiser of the year; there's always something to do, from setup to tear-down.

Grant Writing Team

This team assists with writing grants. We are currently looking for 2-3 people for this team.

Solicitation Team

Members of this team approach new people and businesses for support in time, talent, or treasure.

Amazing Give Team

Join us as we participate in The Amazing Give, an online giving platform where you use your Social Network to educate people about what we do, and
what we are raising funds for.


We are currently standing at 5 Board Members, and are looking for 4 more. Board members should come with any/all of the following skills:
Community Networking

For information on joining one of these teams, contact this number:

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